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Консультационные услуги / Consulting services

Экспорт фруктов и овощей / Export fruits and vegetables

Замороженные ягоды и фрукты / Frozen berries and fruits

Our Services


The company has a solid experience of conducting marketing research for donors, international and local NGOs, as well as associations and business representatives. The company employees have successfully completed more than 80 studies in the following sectors:



Harif LLC is glad to present our proposal for providing consultancy services. We are grateful for the time you spent considering our proposal and for providing the necessary information our proposal is based on.



The company has certified trainers who can provide special trainings for you in many areas, using interactive methodology, on any of the existing topics or tailor-made for you. Our trainers and specialists have been trained in such countries as the USA, Canada, Cyprus, Russia, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.


Trading activity

Our company facilitates the export of agricultural produce from Tajikistan, including dried fruit, peanuts, fresh apricots, grapes, sweet cherries, fresh onions, and other agricultural produce.



Our specialists have experience of working and providing services in:

  • International and local non-governmental organizations, international donors
  • Government institutions
  • Agricultural sector
  • Banking and microfinance sector
  • Industrial production
  • Trading



Marketing is a foreign word that has become firmly rooted in our life. Many people know it, but few understand its true meaning: for some, marketing is associated with advertising, for others – exceptionally with market research. So, what is marketing and why does a modern company need it? Marketing is an integral component of a successful business. It is a system composed of a number of interrelated and equally important elements.


Kaizen system

Kaizen is a Japanese quality management system, first used by Toyota automaker during its recovery after World War II. The word Kaizen is composed of two words: Kai, meaning “change”, and Zen, meaning “for better”. Even though the concept of Kaizen was born in Japan, it became popular throughout the world and has repeatedly proven effective, not only in industry, but also in the service sector.


What is Harif?

The company provides various comprehensive services to its customers. The company focuses on the development of existing directions, as well as expanding the range of services for its clients.

If you are facing business risks, evaluating alternative ways of development, losing control over your company or feeling the need for further development – we are always ready to help you.

We realize our responsibility as a business partner to our clients, and are proud of our impeccable reputation. We guarantee confidentiality and security of all information received from the client.

As a result of long and painstaking search, we were able to bring together a team of true professionals always ready to help your business grow. Decisions in the area of marketing, strategic and operational management, based on professional methodology, will help you choose the best option for the development of your company and avoid mistakes that can lead to serious consequences in the future. By involving our specialists, you get an opportunity to make conscious and carefully thought-out decision about the future of your company.

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History of enterprise development

Вехи развития предприятия по переработке фруктов и овощей:

  1. 2011 – регистрация компании ООО Хариф 2012 – строительство холодильного склада для свежих фруктов и овощей
  2. С 2012 года компания «Хариф» построила и запустила современное плодохранилище для консолидации и экспорта свежих фруктов и овощей. Мы будем рады сотрудничать с фермерами, торговыми представилями и импортерами
  3. 2013 – контракт с ЗАО Тандер, сеть магазина «Магнит» в РФ, первый поставки 2020 – строительство теплиц для выращивания земляники
  4. 2021 – импорт и посадка саженцев земляники из Италии, производство рассады и ягод
  5. 2021 – строительство первого в стране предприятия по шоковой заморозке
  6. 2022 – Первая продукция готова на экспорт. закуп у более 200 фермеров