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Comprehensive marketing

Marketing is a foreign word that has become firmly rooted in our life. Many people know it, but few understand its true meaning: for some, marketing is associated with advertising, for others – exceptionally with market research. So, what is marketing and why does a modern company need it?

Marketing is an integral component of a successful business. It is a system composed of a number of interrelated and equally important elements. It is the strategy of the company’s behavior in the market, it’s the understanding of its role, goals and objectives. It’s the knowledge – the knowledge of consumers, the knowledge of business and technology. It is what allows to draw maximum profit and benefit from the resources available. It’s the strategy and tactics, the research and analysis, advertising and promotion.

The most important thing one should know and remember about marketing is that there are no universal recipes and magic formulas. Marketing is always individual; it does not have “golden” rules that work any time, any place. Each company, each business is unique and requires its own approach, its own methods and instruments.

We offer solutions for your tasks based on many years of experience. We will help your business to increase sales, find new markets or open a new direction; with us, you can build a business from scratch, develop marketing strategy and implement it in practice. We know how to help you, how to make your business successful and prosperous.

What services we offer:

  • Consultations on marketing issues
  • Branding (building a new brand or developing an existing one)
  • Marketing research
  • Surveys
  • Naming (developing a product name)
  • Designing a company logo and corporate identity
  • Improving productivity by using internal reserves

One type of marketing support includes consultations on marketing issues. You ask specific questions, set objectives and goals that need to be achieved – we tell you how to do this.

Branding is what makes your product unique and successful. Proper positioning, understanding the wishes and preferences of the consumers, along with the right name and design, turn an ordinary product into a brand. Brand is a set of customer perceptions. We will help you create a brand that will be unique, that your customers will like and your competitors will envy.

We also conduct qualitative and quantitative marketing research. Sometimes, before making a decision, it is necessary to assess the situation: understand what is happening in the market, how it is developing, what consumers expect from a certain product. Marketing research findings answer these and many more questions, helping make the right decision.

Naming and copywriting – these “scary” words are faced by any company, sooner or later. Naming means creating a name of the company, trademark, product or service. Copywriting is writing advertising and information materials, articles, commercial proposals, advertising video scripts. Our specialists can help you here. We will produce, especially for you, high quality professional texts and catchy, unique names that leave no one would feel indifferent about.

Every company must have its own corporate style, identity. Letterhead, letters, business cards must speak for themselves. Designing the corporate identity, creating a logo, producing design layouts for advertising materials and printed media – this is what our proposal is about.

Organizing the operation of the marketing department in accordance with the strategy and business process model

Harif LLC undertakes to organize the work of your marketing department in accordance with your strategy and business process model. To achieve this goal, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze the current organization of the company’s marketing activity (“as is”)
  • Define the main marketing terms. Formulate the principles of organizing the marketing activity
  • Determine the position of the marketing department in the top-level organizational structure
  • Describe marketing business processes, “inputs-works-outputs” of the processes within the strategy and model of the business processes
  • Formulate organizational structure of the department
  • Determine the responsibilities of the department staff
  • Prepare personnel listings
  • Identify key performance indicators for units within the marketing department
  • Determine the peculiarities of promoting product groups and marketing support of the sales
  • Design “Regulation on the marketing department”
  • Develop terms of reference for the Marketing Director, Head of Advertising and PR unit.

Success largely depends on your attitude towards what you are doing. We love our work, we are not afraid of challenges, we like to solve complex tasks. We want you to have a growing and prosperous business, and we are there to help you by offering comprehensive marketing services.